Rebirth is an old music application (drum sequencer, synthesizer sound, …) which has been released freely on
(Unfortunately, it’s not real Free Software – I mean: GPL)

I’m still kind of stuck to this program, so I wanted to try using it with Wine (v0.9.59). Here’s howto get it working on Kubuntu Hardy:

1) Download the CD-ROM .iso image from

2) Unzip it, so that you have the .iso file.

3) Create a mount point for that image file:
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/rebirth

4) Mount the image:
sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/rebirth/image/rebirth.iso /mnt/rebirth

If you want it to be persistent (or at least more conveniently mountable), enter it in /etc/fstab by adding this line:
/path/to/rebirth/image/rebirth.iso /mnt/rebirth iso9660 loop,user,noauto

Then you can simply do a “mount /mnt/rebirth” – even as non-root user.

5) Install ReBirth, by starting “Install ReBirth RB-338.EXE”.
Known problem: Due to security reasons, memory handling for 16-bit support was changed in recent Ubuntu updates, so you might run into this error:
winevdm: unable to exec ‘–app-name’: 16-bit support missing

You can workaround this problem by changing sysctl parameters first:
sudo sysctl -w vm.mmap_min_addr=0

6) Configure Wine to mark /mnt/rebirth as CD-drive.
(Either start “winecfg” from the commandline, or open the application menu and select “Wine > Configure Wine”)

– There, select “Drives” and add “/mnt/rebirth” as e.g. “D:”
– Click on “Show Avanced”
– Select Type: “CD-ROM”
– Manually assign: “Label”: RB338V20

And confirm with “OK”.

En el caso de que nos pida el cd instalarlo despues de ejecutar esto en consola.

$ sudo mount -o loop ~/rebirth-image.iso /mnt/rebirth
$ cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
$ ln -s /mnt/rebirth e:
$ ln -s ~/rebirth-image.iso e::